2018 calendar planner “Designed in Lithuania in 1970s”

compiled by: Karolina Jakaitė, Audronė Drungilaitė, Šarūnas Šlektavičius

designer: Tomas Mozūra

creation date: 2017

partners: Vilnius Academy of Arts, the Lithuanian Design Forum, the Lithuanian Central State Archives, National Gallery of Art, MO Museum (Modern Art Center), the Lithuanian Council for Culture

design field: graphic design

The Design Foundation is a research initiative dedicated to the history of Lithuanian design which aims also to promote, actualize and disseminate design culture.

Having started the project in 2016, we initially aimed at researching the 1960s and published a 2017 calendar with 12 archival photograph-postcards. This year we continue the tradition and take a look at the Lithuanian design of the 1970s.

This designerly calendar planner contains photographs from the Lithuanian Central State Archives and designers’ personal collections. The images tell the story of Lithuanian design in the 1970s, about its events, personalities, created design and signs, including a collection by the Vilnius modelling house for the Expo 1970 exhibition in Osaka, a magazine cover designed by Professor F. Daukantas in 1971 and the first composite glider BK-7 “Lietuva” from 1972.

We are delighted with the collaboration with the Lithuanian Design Forum, which brought new tones to the archival photographs of the 1970s – including mustard yellow, the colour of Design Week 2018. We hope that the history of design will not only be continued in these newly discovered stories and details but will also become inspiration for new projects by present-day designers.

You can buy it online at our partner's bookshop: http://www.mmcentras.lt/knygynas/2018-metu-dizaino-kalendorius-darbaknyg...

2018 calendar planner “Designed in Lithuania in 1970s”